Please ensure you have booked your activity before arriving at The Centre and read our Policy Statements to ensure you are aware of the important COVID-19 guidelines you will need to follow when using The Centre. Thank you.


Studio Cycling



Take part in this fun and energetic class on a stationary cycle. The instructor will take you through a varied cycle journey building endurance, speed and power, not forgetting burning plenty of calories! It is advisable to arrive early to adjust your cycle, don’t forget to bring a drink and towel with you.




Coach by Color

Come and join our NEW revolutionary colourful cycling class.

Coach By Colour has five training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red.

These zones are personalised to each individual depending on your FTP (Functional Threshold Power ) Click for more information on booking your test. 

The results of your training can be stored on your own ICG training app which can be downloaded here: ICG App


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Spin_Wide_Fitness (this video was made before social distancing measures were in place)   


Immersive on-screen coach workouts, riding to world-class instruction and energising music.

06:30  |  07:30  |  12:30  |  19:45


Classes throughout the week, please check opening times for more details. Booking must be made before arriving at the Centre.

We recommend you complete an FTP Fitness Test before attending these classes to maximise and personalise your experience. You will also learn how to set your bike up to partake in coach by color classes.


Fitness Policy Statement

We are following guidance from UK Active who are the industry body within the UK, along with implementing our own policies, to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible.

  • Classes will be planned and delivered with social distancing as a priority.
  • Please do not congregate or queue outside the class area.
  • The Instructor will guide you to where you will be positioned for the duration of the class.
  • Please sanitise your equipment before & after use.

Fitness Tests

To personalise and maximise your experience in these classes we do recommend you complete an FTP fitness test, this will give you a more accurate number that you input at the start of the class. Bookings for these tests can be made at reception.

5 Minute FTP
A 5 minute maximum effort on the bike. Whatever your average watts, the machine will minus 15% which results in your predicted FTP (Functional Threshold Power).

A progressive test. The bike will set a power target to be held, then every 4 minutes the target increases. Maintain your speed and power for every section. “Dream Big Pedal Hard” until you reach your limit.


IC7 Indoor Cycle

The award-winning IC7 is the most advanced indoor cycle ever designed. Its pioneering design and functionality are due largely to an innovative two-stage drivetrain. Freed of the large center pulley characteristic of traditional bike design, the IC7 brings a lower, sleeker profile to the studio floor. 

The bike’s performance metrics are delivered to the rider via the re-engineered WattRate® TFT Computer 2.0 – a fully self-powered computer that vividly displays the user‘s WattRate® power or heart rate to them and their coach in five colored zones. The bike improves an athlete’s performance while capturing an artistry that communicates with the exerciser.

Fitness_Act_wide_spin IC7 Indoor Cycle