Please ensure you have booked your activity before arriving at The Centre and read our Policy Statements to ensure you are aware of the important COVID-19 guidelines you will need to follow when using The Centre. Thank you.


Exercise Referral Overview

Your 12 week referral period is framed to commence with an initial assessment which is an information gathering process during which we also make decisions regarding how best to exercise you in order to meet your referred condition. Your allocated instructor will then begin the process of establishing a viable exercise regime with you and supporting you through the educational aspect of the scheme.

If you are exercising within the gym environment you will receive one-to-one instruction for the initial 3-4 week period with periodic reviews throughout the remaining weeks. Should you attend class-based activities, the class instructor will be aware of your conditional needs. At the 6 week point you will attend a mid-term review, during which progress will be measured along with any progressions required for your remaining referral period. You will receive ongoing support, but will be encouraged to take more responsibility for your exercising as we seek to prepare you for physical activity beyond your referral period, ensuring you have the skill and confidence to apply your exercise requirements appropriately.

Upon completion of your 12 weeks (not 12 sessions) you will attend a finishing appointment. During this we will evaluate the schemes success for you and put in place ongoing support as you become an independent exerciser armed with the knowledge to make those vital lifestyle changes. You will also be offered periodic reviews to keep you motivated and keep things fresh. As a reward for successfully completing the scheme the Centre will offer you the opportunity to become a member of the Centre at a significantly discounted rate.