Please ensure you have booked your activity before arriving at The Centre and read our Policy Statements to ensure you are aware of the important COVID-19 guidelines you will need to follow when using The Centre. Thank you.


Strength & Conditioning Room

For a trial period our Strength & Conditioning Room will be open throughout the week. Use these supervised sessions as part of your workout.

Monday     |  06:00-06:45  &  11:30-12:30

Tuesday     |  12:00-13:00

Thursday   |  06:00-07:00  &  11:00-12:00

Friday        |  09:00-09:45  &  12:00-13:00

Saturday   |  10:00-11:00

Sunday      |  10:00-11:00

Book your place at Reception or via the Members Portal. (Normal gym fees apply).