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Children’s Swimming Lessons

Pre-School Framework

Discovery Duckling: 4 months to 24 months
These fun and engaging lessons for babies* and young children are an ideal start for gaining water confidence before progressing to the Duckling stage. The lessons are delivered with a parent/carer & child in the water and run as a termly course for 10-13 weeks.

Tuesday  |   Saturday  mornings 

*Subject to baby swimming advice being followed – please check with your health visitor.


Duckling: 24 months to 4 years
Duckling lessons are delivered with parent/carer & child in the water and are suitable for children old enough to follow instructions and who can move independently. This is the ideal step to increase water confidence and familiarise with essential skills before progressing to the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework Stages. Courses run for 10-13 weeks.

Tuesday  |   Saturday  |  Sunday  mornings


For more information please contact our swimming team at swimming@kingsrecreation.co.uk or complete an activity waiting list form to join the programme.



Learn to Swim Framework – Stages 1 to 7

The key focus areas of the Learn to Swim Framework are:

  • Developing fundamental movement skills

  • Teaching children to swim using the four strokes of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly

  • Fun and enjoyment in the water to help children learn


Stage 1: Non-swimmer

Stage 2: Confident non-swimmer

Stage 3: Able to swim 5m unaided on front with face in the water and 5m unaided on back

Stage 4: Able to swim 10m unaided on front and back, with emphasis on the correct leg action of all 4 strokes

Stage 5: Able to swim 10m confidently to the expected standard on a recognised stroke of choice

Stage 6: Able to swim all four strokes for 10m to the expected standard, with one stroke of choice for 25m to the expected standard

Stage 7: Advanced and the last stage before joining the School of Swimming

Monday  |  Tuesday  |  Friday Evening         Saturday  |  Sunday Morning