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Fancy taking up a new fast paced agile sport? Or want to continue playing the game you love? Here at King’s we have 4 badminton courts available for members use in our bright sports hall, and host a selection of great classes and courses to help you improve as a player… all whilst enjoying the game to it’s fullest!


Individual Badminton Lessons are currently available, please contact Reception for bookings.

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Junior Badminton

Our drop in Junior badminton sessions are for kids aged 5-16, the sessions focus on introducing and developing basic movement patterns and racket skills in a fun and energising environment.
Friday   |   09:00-10:00   |   age 5-7 yrs

Friday   |   10:00-11:00   |   age 7-11 yrs

Friday   |   11:00-12:00   |   age 11-16 yrs

31st July   |   7th August   |   14th August   |   21st August



50+ Badminton Session

These Sessions are for participants of all abilities and aged 50+. Lesley will organise games and will be there to provide coaching tips to help improve your game. 
Monday   |   11:00-12:00   |   10th & 17th August


Badminton For All Evening

The whole family is welcome from age 5 and is suitable for all abilities. Enjoy an evening of playing badminton matches with friends and family in a relaxed and fun environment. Our coach, Lesley, will be there to organise games and provide coaching tips to help improve your game. One court will be allocated for the younger players to help them enjoy the game through fun activities.
Monday  |  18:15-19:30


All Ability Badminton

This session is designed for all standards of players. Lesley arranges drills and matches and will offer coaching tips to each individual player on technique and tactics. This session runs term time only.
Wednesday   |   10:00-11:30   |   12th & 19th August


Canterbury Para-Badminton Evening

Para-Badminton is a rapidly growing sport suitable for a wide range of physical disabilities. Players can be standing or use wheelchairs. Typical disabilities for standing players would include: single limb amputees, cerebral palsy, any upper limb disability and short stature/dwarfism. Wheelchair players often have disabilities such as: spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions of lower limbs and lower limb amputees. These groups are just examples. Sessions are run by our coach Lesley who provides coaching and organises games to improve your badminton. If you have a physical disability and would like to play please contact canterbury@parabadminton.co.uk

Tuesday  |  20:00-21:30

See our feature on the Badminton England Website here!


BadminTone Course

BadminTone, run by our coach Lesley, is a whole body badminton workout aimed at improving your strength, stamina and muscle tone. The class is based on 30 minutes of circuit training and 30 minutes of fun badminton games. We welcome all abilities aged 16 years and over.


Badminton Club Night

Our coach, Lesley, organises Wednesday evening club night and provides tips and advice to improve playing standards. These sessions are focused towards club level players who enjoy playing competitive games. For those in the club that want additional competition, we enter teams in the local North Foreland league; and currently have two men’s teams and three teams fielding both men and women. Our home matches are currently played on Sunday evenings.

Wednesday   |   18:30-20:00   |   20:00-21:30   


Advanced Badminton Club Night

These structured sessions are for first team league players and above. The sessions will include coaching to help improve technique, tactics and fitness via routines, conditioned games and match play. 

Monday   |   19:30-21:00 


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Join in the action! Contact Nick at coaches@kingsrecreation.co.uk who can advise on the most appropriate Badminton session for you.