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Water Therapy

Water is a proven environment for exercise. The buoyant environment, along with the resistance of the water, allows participants to achieve greater functional capacity, increase joint motion and develop muscle strength and endurance whilst addressing balance and co-ordination within a more forgiving environment.

These classes are particularly suitable for those with joint/musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis or pre/post joint replacement. They are also suitable for clients with fatigue syndromes and deconditioned individuals wishing to apply a more conservative approach to exercise.

The classes are designed as a progressive follow-on from Hydrotherapy sessions. We offer three levels of class; an introductory class, a shallow water class and a more challenging deep water class. We also offer progression through varying the duration of classes from 30-45 minutes.

Water therapy classes follow sound physiological practice incorporating a warm-up, mobilising exercises, functional and conditioning exercises, using simple equipment, followed by a cool down and stretches to leave you appropriately exercised and energised. There is no requirement for you to perform traditional swimming during these classes.

Our pool is kept at a constant 30 degrees and is entered via our easy-access steps. We have separate men’s and women’s changing rooms with lockers and hairdryers.