Please ensure you have booked your activity before arriving at The Centre and read our Policy Statements to ensure you are aware of the important COVID-19 guidelines you will need to follow when using The Centre. Thank you.


Activity Prices

For all prices regarding our facilities, group classes and individual lessons.

Please take a look at our fitness classes and don’t miss out on securing a space (members only).

Swimming and use of the Fitness Suite is available to guests only if they are accompanied by a current member (gym inductions are required for Fitness Suite use).


Our Class Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made by phone 01227 595602. We ask you to give us no less than 2 hour’s notice for an activity cancellation. Anything less than this or non-attendance will be charged the class fee (Platinum Members will be charged the Gold Membership fee for a Class cancellation. Platinum & Gold Members will be charged the Silver Membership fee for a Swimming/Gym/Fitness Suite cancellation).

Any member who arrives to a fitness class over 10 minutes late will not be allowed to attend the class. This is due to missing the warm up, which may incur an injury and disruption of the class.

24 hour cancellation notice remains in place for Private Swimming Lessons & Personal Training Sessions (please see our members Rules & Regulations).

Anyone persistently not attending bookings will be charged & may have their weekly number of bookings restricted each week, at the discretion of the Centre Manager.

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